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пятница, 15 октября 2010 г.

Devaluation pulls up inflation and stock market indexes

If Central Bank of Russia devalues the ruble exchange rate, it will impact to increase stock market indexes. What are causes? This is a growth of world oil consumption. Man-made causes - the decisions of the authorities: no hamper of high inflation of consumer commodities (at least 30%); about increase tariffs for transportation and public utilities. Benefits of the authorities and business are obvious: disappear risk defaults, early repayment of debt and an increase of collateral securities, when market prices are rising; grows market value of shares to privatization. Double-digit interest rates (dividend, coupons) - this environment international investment banks from developed countries for emerging market. What forecast? Stagnation of the economy, reducing trade surplus - because capital inflows will in industries related to oil, retail trades (see news feeds). The problem with high inflation will not be solved, it is a most advantageous for government.
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